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Our Story

GSO opened for business over 20 years ago with the belief that California companies should not have to pay high national delivery rates for in-state shipments. We started out with just one customer, successfully transporting eight packages from the bay area throughout California, and we’re happy to say that we still ship packages for this customer today.

We have come a long way since then, with a service area throughout the West that includes California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah, along with service types to cover your Priority, Ground, and Freight shipping needs.

When we started out in this business, we wanted to stand out as a different kind of Overnight delivery provider, so we accommodated later pickup times, offered significantly lower rates on priority service, and charged far fewer fees than the global carriers. As our customer base grew, we listened to its evolving needs and eventually added GSO Ground service at rates competitive to those of the national carriers, giving shippers the ability to reduce transit times without additional revenue spend.

But we didn’t stop at Ground service. We were able to successfully accommodate the increasing demand for palletized shipments with positive feedback from customers. As a result, Freight became an official service offering with a simple per-pallet pricing model and faster delivery times for LTL shipments across an expansive footprint.

In October of 2016, we became a wholly-owned subsidiary of GLS U.S. Holdings Inc., which is one of the largest parcel companies in Europe with headquarters in Amsterdam and operations in 41 European states. It has always been extremely important to us that any strategic investor share our vision for the regional carrier marketplace with common values towards our customers and employees, and GLS was a perfect fit. Shortly after becoming a part of the GLS Group, Seattle-based Postal Express became a sister company to GSO expanding our service area to Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. While we have grown our number of depots and hubs from three to forty-eight and deliver tens of thousands of packages each day across the West, our small company values remain intact. We make it a point to provide a high level of personalized service to our customers with a dedicated customer service center and an account management group that is available to assist with any questions or issues.

We’re excited to have started the transition to becoming fully branded as GLS. So you’ll start to see less green and gold and more blue and yellow. Learn more about GLS.

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