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Responsible, systemized operations

GSO has implemented a group-wide program designed to systematically identify and structurally avoid compliance risks. It was developed to protect GSO and its employees. It is also designed to safeguard the collaboration with business partners based on trust both now and in the future.

GSO focuses on three core areas:

  • Competition Law
  • Anti-corruption
  • Sanctions list assessment

A cornerstone of the compliance system is a comprehensive training concept for employees – as compliance begins with them. GSO’s Compliance Team is the key consulting and assessment authority for the three-stage concept. The compliance concept follows a uniform structure for GSO.

Preventing Corruption

GSO has a strict zero tolerance policy towards bribery and corruption, which all GSO managers see as their responsibility. In its anti-bribery guidelines, GSO has set the standards of behavior that apply to every employee and to everyone who performs on behalf of GSO.

Download the anti-corruption guidelines

Informant/Ombudsman System

GSO has introduced an informant/ombudsman system to enable employees, business partners, and third parties to report criminal acts and similar serious offenses on a confidential basis.

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Code of Business Standards

As a subsidiary of the GLS Group, the trust that GSO receives from customers, employees, business partners and the public is a top priority.

To further strengthen this trust, the GLS Group has assigned itself a Code of Business Standards that establishes the fundamental values and standards of behavior of the company in binding form for all employees.

The GLS Code of Business Standards forms the basis of all business decisions and regulates responsible interaction with all stakeholders.

Download GLS Code of Business Standards

Supplier Code of Conduct

As a subsidiary of the GLS Group, GSO expects its suppliers to respect the standards laid out in this Supplier Code of Conduct, implement them using appropriate measures, and adhere to them in their business activities.

Download GLS Supplier Code of Conduct