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GSO Anniversary Infographics

Go Green with GSO

What's an Easy Way to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

Ship GSO Priority Overnight Rather than Overnight Air

Research shows that air freight causes up to 9 times more CO2 than trucking.* By switching from overnight air carriers such as FedEx to overnight ground carriers such as GSO, you can reduce your carbon footprint, enjoy the same if not higher level of service and realize significant cost savings for your company as well.

Grams of Carbon Dioxide to Carry 1 Ton of Cargo 1 Kilometer

 Ship (Container - 10,000)  10

 Rail (Diesel Train)   21

 Truck (Tractor/Trailer)    59 (GSO)

 Air (Freight)     470

GSO's Green Initiatives

Learn more about GSO's Green Initiatives and join in our commitment to environmental stewardship and the reduction of carbon emissions.