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Service Guarantee

GSO guarantees delivery of all packages by the published or quoted delivery time. If the package is delivered more than 10 minutes past the published or quoted time, GSO will, at its option, credit or refund the transportation charges to the shipper.

Refunds/credits will not be issued for service delays due to incorrect addresses, refused or undeliverable packages, or packages not otherwise meeting the terms and conditions of shipping with GSO.

Refunds or credits will not be issued due to forces beyond our control as described in our limitations of liability.

Accounts that are on credit hold by GSO's accounting department are not eligible to receive a refund.

Late Delivery Claims

To obtain credit or refund of the shipping charges, you may contact GSO Customer Service at 800-322-5555 within two business days of the delivery of the shipment. The shipper must provide a valid account number, tracking number and proof of delivery if available.

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