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Here’s how the above billable weight is calculated for each carrier:

LxWxH/166 for packages measuring greater than or equal to 5,184 cubic inches

LxWxH/139 for all domestic packages

LxWxH/139 for domestic packages measuring greater than 1,728 cubic inches
LxWxH/166 for domestic packages measuring less than or equal to 1,728 cubic inches

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Dimensional Weight

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DIM Weight News

Many shippers are still feeling the impact of the Dimensional Weight changes that were implemented by the National Carriers where every package regardless of size is billed based on DIM weight even if its actual weight is less.

More changes became effective in January 2017. FedEx changed its DIM divisor from 166 to 139, while UPS is now using a DIM divisor of 139 for packages measuring greater than 1,728 cubic inches. Decreasing the DIM divisor increases the cost per package.

The good news is that GLS did not change its DIM weight policy or its DIM divisor. At GLS, dimensional weight pricing is not applied to packages measuring less than 5,184 cubic inches, resulting in major savings for our customers.