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Address Correction

We will always notify you if your shipment has been tendered with incorrect or incomplete address information so you can update your records; and, when necessary, provide the corrected or additional address information needed to complete the shipment delivery. An address correction fee of $12.50 will be applied to each package that is tendered for delivery with incorrect or incomplete address information.

An incorrect address is an address that in any way differs from the full and complete address of the recipient. This may include, but is not limited to, any of the following:

  • Incomplete or incorrect street number
  • Incomplete, incorrect or misspelled street name
  • Incorrect or omitted destination city
  • Businesses or residences that have closed or moved
  • Packages addressed to USPS P.O. Boxes
  • Omission of, incorrect or incomplete Zip Code*

*We use the zip code as the primary information source for sorting shipments. Incorrect Zip Code information may cause your package to be mis-sorted and delay delivery. Please pay special attention to Zip Code information to avoid shipment delays.