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Stay on the Cutting Edge of Beauty with a Delivery Provider that Understands Your Business
Clients are seated in the waiting area, the entire staff is busy helping customers, and the phones keep the front desk staff busy. We understand. Signing for a package or receiving a shipment during peak business hours is the last thing salons want to worry about. That’s why so many Beauty supply distributors rely on GSO for their salon shipments. We deliver when it makes sense for these businesses.

Keep Your Business Moving with One-Day Transit Times and Six Days of Delivery Service
Running a business entails wearing multiple hats which often times, means putting off orders until the end of the week. With our 1-2 day transit times and delivery service six days of the week, there’s no need for salons to maintain extra stock or manage a large inventory. GSO provides faster delivery throughout CA, AZ, NV, NM, OR, WA, ID, and UT. For your convenience, Friday orders will be delivered on Saturday at weekday rates, and your business keeps moving because there’s no need to wait until the following week to stock the shelves.

Just-In-Time Delivery Eliminates Complicated Inventory Routines
With next-day delivery and the latest pickup times available in the industry, GSO is uniquely positioned to help you stay competitive in this fast-paced industry. With new products emerging daily, salons and cosmetics retailers often order new products on short notice, while replenishing regular merchandise as shelves become empty or clients are scheduled.

Specialized Service Procedures That Align with the Salon Industry
GSO understands that many beauty supply recipients may have exceptional operating hours and that larger salons may have workstations that operate as individual businesses. That’s why we commit to guaranteeing next-day delivery during the posted business hours and ensure that delivery requirements, such as COD orders, can be accommodated for each chair, rather than every delivery address.

Simple and Convenient Online Shipping with User-Friendly Customer Portal
With comprehensive on-line tracking and Proof-of-delivery, you can rest easy knowing the status of your delivery and that you’ll get your Ground shipments the next day.

  • Generate and print shipping labels
  • Build and share an address book
  • Track packages in real-time

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Industry Case Study:
Advanced Salon Concepts Gains a Competitive Advantage with GSO Ground and Freight Service, achieving:

  • Next-day delivery throughout California
  • 30% lower shipping costs
  • Optional Saturday delivery
  • Elimination of split shipments
  • Significant decrease in damages
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