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The GSO Direct-to-Trade program was created to meet the increasing need of ensuring that wine gets into customers’ hands quickly and cost-effectively. By offering wine shippers a direct route to trade customers in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Utah, GSO’s 1-2 day delivery service eliminates the need for complicated warehousing and shipping routines, and enables just-in-time inventory control that is cost-effective and easy to manage.

Ship Overnight and Simplify Processes by Shipping in Original Winery Packaging
GSO will accept full cases of wine in original winery packing. This translates into savings for you and for your customers because there is no need to unbox the wine, transfer the bottles to different containers or recycle extra packaging.

Fulfill Customer Orders More Quickly
With reduced transit times throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho — including optional Saturday delivery — you'll have the advantage of ensuring that your customers receive shipments more quickly at competitive ground rates.

Reduce the Need for Multiple Inventories
Whether your wine is stored at a winery, a fulfillment house, or a storage facility, off-site pickup locations can be easily accommodated.

Save on Rates and Fees So You Can Pass the Savings on To Your Customers
GSO offers aggressive pricing and automatic 100-weight discounting to reduce delivery cost per case on multiple-case shipments to a single address.

Access Real-Time Signature Captures and Electronic PODs
GSO utilizes electronic tracking systems that allow user to trace and track every package.

Convenient ETA, Text, and Email Notifications
GSO offers SMS text notifications so that you and your recipients can stay updated on the status of shipments from when they're picked up and in transit to when they are delivered to their door.

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Hundredweight Discount Program for Wine Shippers

DTT Wine Shipping Preparation and Packaging Requirements

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What Our Customers Say

“With GSO’s Direct-to-Trade program, we have been able to compete with larger wineries while reducing costs and passing the savings on to our customers by offering them 50% better rates than if we were using a fulfillment center. In addition to the competitive rates that we get with GSO, the fact that we can ship wine in the original packaging has simplified the shipping process for us as well as our trade customers.” -Addison Rex, Operations Manager at Deerfield Ranch Winery