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GSO Priority Overnight Rates for 2018

GSO Ground Rates for 2018

GSO Freight Rates for 2018

View a Summary of 2018 Pricing and Fee Changes

There have been some exciting changes at GSO over the last year. Since becoming a part of GLS, one of the largest parcel delivery companies in Europe, we’ve been focused on enhancing service features and improving technology for our customers:

  • We expanded into Oregon, Washington, and Idaho
  • We’ve invested in the latest scanning automation equipment
  • We’ve updated signature options to increase delivery success rates
  • We now offer ETAs and Text notifications for shipment status updates

  • 1-2 Day Ground Delivery Throughout the West
  • Priority Overnight Services at 40% Less Cost
  • Per-Pallet Rates for LTL Shipments
  • Later Pickup Times and Earlier Deliveries
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Fewer accessorial fees
  • Innovative Technology

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