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Opening an Account is Free and Easy with Many Benefits for Your Business

  • Overnight ground delivery across a vast geographical footprint at competitive ground rates
  • Fewer and lower fees than the national carriers
  • Savings on Dimensional Weight (DIM) weight pricing
  • Easy to use online shipping portal where you can access detailed reports, create and share address book, schedule pickups, track packages, view invoices, and more

Register New Users on Your Existing GSO Account

If you already have an account and need to register new users, simply have your account number available, and visit the user registration page.

Need to Make a One-Time Shipment?

If you need to make a one-time shipment and prefer not to create a shipping account, QuickShip is a great option for you. You’ll need a credit card, and the package should be able to fit into a GSO drop box, as driver pickups are not available with the QuickShip option.

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